Cyprus serves as a global cybersecurity bridge. International players like Jetbrains are based locally and are driving digital development (source).
The European island nation, with a geographically convenient location in the Eastern Mediterranean as a gateway between continental Europe and the Middle East, provides an ideal base of operations for IT companies.

In addition, Cyprus offers us the following other strategic advantages:
– Many highly qualified multilingual professionals in the cybersecurity/information technology industry
– Home to various European cyber crime departments including Office for Combating Cybercrime (O.C.C.). in cooperation with Europol/EC3/AWF/ EMPACTS).
– The government actively promotes the implementation of modern technologies (e.g., blockchain, cryptocurrencies)
– Excellent telecommunications systems (nationwide high-speed and mobile connectivity).
– As a member of the European Union, Cypriot companies benefit from all EU agreements, regulations and directives, as well as the free movement of capital
– An effective and transparent regulatory and legal system

For WHYSEC, Cyprus is the optimal location to support the European market.