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Hi, we are WHYSEC and this site is under development.

About us:
We are a compliance and security company driven to push the WHY behind security for European digital- and tech scaleups with cloud-only infrastructure.

How we work:
We simplify your SMBs security challenges to
- set up your security hands-on with a focus on your major risks,
- pass your external audits with ease,
- receive your ISO 27001 certification within 3-6 months,
- have 30% less work with audits and prep,
- leave manual procedures behind and automate your cloud hardening,
- choose from excellent partners and other services.

What we offer:
#ISO27001 #ISMSaaS #vCISO #Audit #GAPAnalysis #CloudSecurity #Automation #IT-Security

Our CEO and Founder - Fabian Weber

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