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ISO 27001 Internal Audit Service - Identify any gaps and pass your external audit on the first try

ISO 27001 Internal Audit Service - Identify any gaps and pass your external audit on the first try

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Why is the ISO 27001 internal audit a crucial process?

The ISO 27001 internal audit is a crucial process that involves a comprehensive review of an organization’s Information Security Management System (ISMS). Its primary goal is to identify any gaps or shortcomings that could potentially impede the effectiveness of your ISMS and its objectives. ISO 27001 explicitly requires this internal audit function (as stated in clause 9.2).

Internal audits can be conducted by an independent third party, such as a consultancy. This is where we come in.

Our diligent internal audits provide the perfect foundation for your external certification audit, adhering fully to ISO 27001’s requirement for an “independent internal audit”. All too often, unqualified or biased staff members conduct internal audits, putting your ISO 27001 certification and company at risk. But with us, you’re in safe hands!

At WHYSEC, we’re committed to meeting your internal audit requirements. Our team of seasoned lead auditors is prepared and equipped to conduct robust internal audits for ISO 27001.

What we bring to you:

  • Initial GAP analysis or recurring internal audits
  • Comprehensive, full-scope audits
  • Remote or on-site options as per your convenience
  • Practical, implementable recommendations
  • Current, cutting-edge knowledge
  • Ensuring your successful certification on the first attempt

With WHYSEC, audit with confidence, secure your ISMS, and get certified successfully!

Your ISO 27001 Lead Auditor

Meet our CEO and Founder, Fabian Weber (B.Sc.). He is an ISO 27001 Lead Auditor and vCISO with a decade of experience. Furthermore, he is an internationally recognized ISO 27001 expert. Over 29,000 IT-Security-Experts follow and trust Fabian Weber on LinkedIn.

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The internal audit process

Take a look at our straightforward, easy-to-understand audit process. It is defined by clarity and simplicity, making a task often perceived as complex, truly accessible.See how we make auditing uncomplicated and transparent for you:

What does the audit consist of?

Our internal audits encompass a mix of document reviews, video checks of your premise, and remote discussions with your staff. We examine relevant documents to determine if your established processes and procedures are adhered to effectively.

Our exhaustive audit plan covers:

  • Audit mission statement: Outlining objectives, criteria, and general information.
  • Audit plan: Offering a detailed timeline featuring audit times, subjects, methods used, and your designated representatives.

Our comprehensive audit report encompasses:

  • Audit specifics: Including duration, resources utilized, employees interviewed, and any interruptions or challenges faced.
  • Maturity rating: A five-level assessment (ranging from “incomplete” to “optimized” as per ISO 29190).
  • Evidence examination: Displaying the evidence examined and an audit trail for all areas within the ISO standard’s scope.
  • Non-conformities: Pinpointing any areas that do not align with the ISO standard, thus supporting your continual improvement efforts.
  • Positive findings: Highlighting areas where your organization shows admirable practices and achievements.
  • ISMS and Annex A spider diagram: Showcasing your actual versus target score.
  • Management Summary: A straightforward, comprehensive summary outlining the relevant results.
  • Detailed Audit Framework: An in-depth framework that corresponds to all ISO requirements and controls.

The Audit Framework details notes, recommendations, additional examples, and findings. Information is arranged per chapter, with average values derived for each. It shows the maturity status of your ISMS according to ISO 29190 and underlines areas where your team excelled and where it faced challenges.

These audit plans and reports act as essential documents for your organization, demonstrating to external certification bodies that you’re fulfilling the internal audit requirements as per the ISO standard. The internal audits consist of a combination of document reviews and remote discussions with relevant management and staff members. Through the review of relevant documented information, we assess whether the established processes and procedures are being followed effectively.

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How do we calculate the effort?

The pricing of our audit service depends on the scope of your ISMS and the size of your organization. The following example efforts are calculated for a company with the following parameters:

  • A remote audit
  • SMB with 50 employees
  • One location
  • Low complexity
  • One core product/service

Based on the calculation above, we estimate 3.5 days total audit effort.

Assess your ISO 27001 with a success guarantee! Request your internal audit offer today.

We are here to assist you in fulfilling your internal auditing needs through a streamlined three-step process:

  1. Request an offer using our form.
  2. If we have any questions regarding your requirements, we will call you back.
  3. Fabian Weber, our ISO 27001 lead auditor with a decade of experience, will carefully evaluate your requirements and propose the most appropriate audit solution tailored to your organization.

Why should you choose WHYSEC?

While auditing is an integral part of our offerings, our expertise extends across the breadth of an ISMS.

We understand the unique nuances that come with:

  • Navigating technical implementations

  • The nerve-racking experience of being an auditee
  • Steering audits and pinpointing focus areas
  • Empowering the C-suite
  • Streamlining with automated documentation
  • Concentrating on significant risk factors

When businesses choose our services, they aren’t just selecting an auditor. They’re partnering with a team dedicated to their success.

Here’s how we make a difference:

  • We offer concise, actionable advice for implementing their controls, eliminating guesswork.
  • Our clients typically sail through their certification at the first attempt, a testament to our thorough preparation.
  • We ensure they are primed for their external audit with a comprehensive briefing.
  • Our detailed report encompasses all ISO controls, providing a full picture of their ISMS health.
  • Plus, a stamp of approval – our clients consistently give us a 100% recommendation rate.

Choose us to demystify the auditing process and empower your organization to thrive. We’re not just auditors – we’re your partners in achieving ISMS excellence.

Our ISO 27001 audit service vs. common audit services

Compare our innovative, customer-centric audit services with traditional ones. Experience the future of auditing and see firsthand how we are transforming the industry standard for the better:

WHYSEC Audit Service

  • Full report covering all ISO 27001 controls

  • Knowledge in auditing, IT operations & tools

  • Full report covering all ISO 27001 controls

  • Detailed and easy to understand report

  • State-of-the-art knowledge with focus on
    modern technology and hands-on infosec

Common Audit Services

  • Report only covers parts of ISO 27001

  • Auditing all industries and frameworks

  • Knowledge in auditing

  • Short and cryptic reports

  • Outdated knowledge and methods

Let’s work together

We generate results for our customers

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Referral rate
Successful customers

Positive Audit Feedback

“The internal audit was planned and performed in a professional way. The quality, depth and comprehensiveness of the audit were outstanding. The auditor (Fabian) especially understood our business needs appropriately. The service outperformed what we have experienced in the past. WHYSEC is our auditor of choice from now on.”

Sebastian R.

"Fabian consulted us at short notice with an internal audit. He was very competent and helped us hands-on with our ISO27001 certification after the internal audit. In a nutshell, Fabian ensured that we were prepared for our external certification both in implementation and audit. We are very grateful for the help at short term."

Carlos Valero (Managing Director of

Companies which received their ISO 27001 on their first try:

ISO 27001 Internal Audit FAQ's

What additional benefits does an internal audit offer?2023-07-13T10:50:07+02:00

It confirms the health of your management system and assesses its operational efficiency, including identifying any inefficiencies in processes that may result in wasted time, effort, or resources.
It ensures compliance with statutory, regulatory, and management system requirements in your company’s operations, processes, and procedures.
It provides senior management with visibility into the effectiveness or weaknesses of the management system, fulfilling the management review requirements.

How can an internal audit assist in preparing for a certification audit?2023-07-13T10:49:45+02:00

Internal audits are a prerequisite for the certification audit. Certification auditors verify that internal audits are conducted according to the audit schedule, and they examine the relevant audit evidence (reports and any nonconformities). Certification bodies also assess whether audit outputs are reviewed in management review meetings to identify weaknesses and areas for improvement.

How long does an internal audit usually take?2023-07-13T10:49:22+02:00

The duration of an internal audit depends on the audit scope, the presence of multiple sites or business functions within that scope, and the time required for evidence gathering and report writing, including any identified audit findings and nonconformities.

How much do internal audits cost?2023-07-13T10:49:02+02:00

The cost of internal audits depends on various factors, including the audit scope, organization size, and number of sites. To receive an offer tailored to your organization, it is recommended to submit an inquiry.

How often does an organization require an internal audit?2023-07-13T10:48:42+02:00

The standard mandates that organizations establish an audit plan for a specified timeframe. Typically, organizations create an annual audit schedule, indicating which functions or areas of the standard will be audited at specific times. Internal audits should align with this audit schedule.

Who needs to be present during an internal audit?2023-07-13T10:48:22+02:00

Representatives involved in the audited activities, along with any additional representatives as necessary.

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